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1000 Volt

Electric glove for alternating voltage up to 1000 volts When working on electrical systems, the body is at greatest risk of suffering an electric shock. The Power Protect V1000 protective glove offers reliable protection against electrical voltages up to 1000 V. The natural latex is highly insulating and protects the wearer from electrical discharges through the body. The flexibility of the glove offers a pleasant wearing comfort and a good sense of touch. ​ Features: - Anatomical fit Flexible, with a good grip even at low temperatures - Excellent tactile and tactile sensitivity Cold flexible Mineral oil resistant Thermal protection - protection against electrical voltages up to 1000V Version of cuff, standard, Material coating natural latex Suitability Good resistance to acid, oils and ozone Red color Sizes 7 to 11 Delivery within 1 week (national shipping)


Achtung Elektrofischen


Electrofishing is considered a gentle method of fishing when carried out properly. This also includes the obligation to provide information, which can be very expensive if ignored and especially if personal injury occurs. A sign is an easy way to inform onlookers and point them out to the dangers. Post warning signs on both sides of the fishing route at regular intervals. Size: 300x200x5mm Delivery within 1 week (national shipping) - please ask for English version

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