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Cathodes, often also called counter electrodes, are the negative current electrode of the electric fishing device. They should be sized according to the selected anode - correspond to 3 times the circumference of the anode.


EFGI 650

The Standard - Cathode 4/4

We recommend the 4/4 cathode as standard - this consists of 4m cable followed by 4m copper wire and covers all tasks for the EFGI 650. A ring connected to the cathode, attached to its belt, provides strain relief. In smaller, narrowly winding bodies of water or with a high proportion of dead wood, for example, in which the copper strand can get caught, you will not have any pull on the device.


EFGI 1300

Cathode L

Towed cathode for the EFGI1300, for wading with trailed floats and tow fishing. Here too, choose the cathode that matches your anode size.


EFGI 4000

Cathode XL

Cathodes for the EFGI4000 are manufactured with a length of X/Xm as standard. Depending on your application, we recommend using the boat hull as a cathode (aluminum or steel hull). If the use of a drag cathode is necessary, use appropriate shearing boards when driving with a screw.

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