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EFGI 4000
Unrivaled performance - most powerful battery-powered device on the market

available again by summer 2024

Powerful shore- or boat-fishing device

Battery devices with the performance of the EFGI 4000 have not yet been on the market. The EFGI 4000 was developed for quiet boat fishing as an alternative to the previously available devices with loud combustion engines. Due to its enormous performance, it can even be used in brackish water. In rivers and lakes with standing or flowing water and water depths of up to approx. 5 m.

until 5 mS/cm (GS) bzw. 10 mS/cm (Puls) einsetzbar.

Recommended minimal conductivities:

     - unti. 5 mS / cm        Direct-Current (DC)

     - until 10 mS / cm      Pulse-Current (Pulse)

Technical data:

- Headunit                  with tiltsensor (safety-shutdown)

  Primary:                   72 V / max 60 A (DC)

  Output:                    65...520 V in 6 coarse levels
                                     inbetween continuous fine-adjustment (% of selected voltage),

  Performance:           4000 W DC / 8000 W Pulse

  Mass:                        ca. 15,0 kg

  Dimensions:            (LxWxH) 400x360x150

- Batteriepack  1         3 pieces LiFePO4  24V / 50Ah, 75Ah alternate 100Ah batteries available

                                      3 single portable, waterproof casing with connection port 

  Mass:                         about. 2,5 kg (case only)

                                      about 35kg complete

  Dimensions:             (LxWxH) 550x200x210 mm

- Charger:                      24V / 12A regulated

                                       with suitable connection port for the batteries

                                       supports simultaneously charging of all batteries

- Cathodes                    Boats hull (aluminum or steel fuselage needed) as cathode 

                                       alternate 2 throw-cathodes each one manufactured from

                                       4m rubbercable and 6m copper strand

- Surfaceanode             swivelarm, for boatmounting

                                        with 7 conductive stripes / tubes manufactured from stainless steel

- TÜV-Certificate          by request (only necessary in germany, follow your country or state                                                          regulations regarding the use of such devices)



The EFGI 4000 control unit is currently being revised and is therefore temporarily not available. Service, maintenance, spare parts supply and accessories continue to be available to you without any restrictions.

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