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Electrofishing device
EFGI 650

The ultimate device on the market

Powerful backpack for wading fishing

for streams, small rivers, shallow water areas or for standing water

in water depths up to max. 1.5 m  

with tilt sensor (safety shutdown)

Whisper quiet because it is battery operated.

Power supply: 24 VDC / max. 30 A (GS)

Output voltage: 115...565 volts

Adjustable in 3 coarse and 11 fine steps

DC voltage max.: 650 W Pulse voltage max.: 1200 W

Dimensions: 140x100x160 (LxWxH)

Weight: 1.3kg

Operating time depending on the setting up to 6h

Recommended conductivities for direct current: up to approx. 1000 µS/cm

Recommended conductivities for pulse: up to approx. 2000 µS/cm

650 Wallpaper_small.jpg
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