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Electrofishing device
EFGI 1300

Powerful but whisper quiet

Powerful electrofishing gear​​

The tackles are particularly suitable for deeper waters and boat fishing.

They can be used universally due to the large adjustment range of the output voltage.

It can be hand-held anodes, throwing anodes as well as large-area anodes.

fixed surface anodes can be used.

Whisper-quiet, battery-powered.

Power supply: 24 VDC / max. 60 A (GS)

Output voltage: 80...470 Volt

Roughly adjustable in 5 level

within these 5 levels then infinitely adjustable

DC voltage max.: 1300 W Pulse voltage max.: 2600 W 

Dimensions: 200x360x150 (LxWxH)

Weight: 8.0 kg

Pulse current: The frequency is fixed at 70 Hz

similar to the pulse shape of the electric eel

Operating time depending on the output power up to 2-8h

Recommended conductivities at direct current: up to approx. 1000 μS/cm 

Recommended conductivities at pulse: up to approx. 3000 μS/cm

The lithium battery pack comes with cable and plug

directly connected to the electrofishing gear.

Battery replacement is therefore easy and fast in seconds.

Available from autumn 2024
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