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- About Us -


Jürgen Bretschneider, qualified engineer, geophysicist, electronics engineer and passionate angler, founded the company in 1990

“Bretschneider special electronics”

Growing up in the countryside, in the post-war period he passed the time fishing alongside attending school. He recognized early on the decline in fish populations in German waters. To counteract this, he acquired an electrofishing license, which enabled him to expand his activities as a water manager, biologist and fisherman. As an engineer, he soon started thinking about how these electric fishing devices could be improved. Today, the company Bretschneider Spezialelektronik manufactures battery-operated electric fishing devices that are among the best on the market worldwide.


BSE customers include offices and authorities with a focus on “water & Fisheries”, environmental institutes in the area of fish monitoring from science and technology as well as fishing clubs/associations. Jürgen Bretschneider was on hand to provide support with his products in many countries such as Switzerland, Siberia, Sweden, Mongolia and Denmark, to name just a few examples of his sphere of activity. 


The main contents of electrofishing are: stock surveys and stock regulation, preservation of evidence in the event of fish deaths, analysis of fish species occurrences for research purposes, catches of spawning fish, recovery of fish from construction projects involving water interventions and, of course, checking the success of stocking measures and the restoration of water continuity.

Since 2023, “Bretschneider Spezial-Elektronik” has become part of the Elektrofischerei Eifel company from Rhineland-Palatinate. We have made it our mission to continue to provide electric fishermen with powerful battery-operated devices for wading and boat fishing. It is particularly important to us that every device still contains 100% Bretschneider. 

As an electrofishing company with over 25 years of experience, we consistently support the ideas of company founder Jürgen Bretschneider and want to continue to run the business in his spirit. Our roots also lie in fishing and species protection. That's why we know exactly how much successful fishing depends on the right equipment. 

For you as a customer, we are still there to advise you before the purchase as well as after the purchase and are available as a contact person if you have any questions. Thanks to our additional location in Rhineland-Palatinate, we will also be available to you quickly in the future or at your location. 

We look forward to many more successful years serving our waters.

“If you want to investigate the condition of a body of water, you have to ask those who live in it.” 
- Jürgen Bretschneider -

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