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Get the equipment safely to its destination and store it safely - our transport cases and boxes make it possible to do just that. Protect your equipment from unnecessary and annoying transport or storage damage.


EFGI 650

Highest grade of protection for your EFGI 650

The transport case protects your 650 in every situation! Impact-resistant, splash-proof, suitable for short-term submersion and equipped with a pressure compensation valve, your EFGI 650 will always travel safely to its destination - as long as you just close the lid! Lined with padded Cordura inserts, the transport case offers the best protection, and the signal yellow housing makes it easier to find in the field.


EFGI 650 Set

Everything together - safely stowed away


The open transport box allows you to safely store your EFGI 650 control unit together with up to two sets of batteries, connecting cables, cathodes and various accessories. This means your equipment is neatly stowed away for transport and storage. Robust plastic box, with multiplex compartments, non-slip rubber mat and foam inserts - suitable for the EFGI650 control unit. All screw connections made of stainless steel.

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